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History of the Villa Belle Epoque

The 19th century was the time, when Baden-Baden, the town of the healing springs, experienced its blossom. Monarchs and kings relaxed here from their government business. Poets, painters and composers described the town in their work.

Those, who were able to visit Baden-Baden were distinguished and full of pride.
And those, who were even able to afford living there were even more fortunate.

1870 - Duke Ferdinand von Lotzbeck, an entrepreneur and president of the Baden chamber in Lahr, decided to build a mansion in Baden-Baden. It grew to a grand, very representative villa. Just good enough for the Lotzbeck family who belonged to the finest society of Paris.

The estate is situated in the middle of the spa town Baden-Baden in one of the best residential districts. Within a few footsteps, one can reach the "Leopoldsplatz", the centre and heart of the city, as well as the "Lichtentaler Allee" (before it was named "Kaiserallee"), where monarchs, kings, princes and princesses would stroll.

Many poets, musicians and other various artists came and almost all of them reported about their time in Baden-Baden.
For example, the three famous French romanticists: Alfred de Musset, Victor Hugo and Alexandre Dumas. Even Sissi, empress of Austria, visited Baden-Baden. She loved the surrounding Black Forest.

One can still feel the flair of Paris, while walking through the city.
French was spoken then, and now. It was the time of the intellectual blossom and cultural revolution - The "Belle Epoque".

Horse carriages still exist in Baden-Baden. The magic of the Belle Epoque is still alive.

In those days, Baden-Baden was the summer capital of Europe for all the famous of the world - for connoisseurs it still is today.

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